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My name is Sydney Baldwin. Welcome to my universe - a universe filled with ideas and imagination, where heroes, villains, and monsters abound. Do you prefer the fantastical or the futuristic? Do you crave suspense, action, drama, and comedy? If so, I welcome you to my personal cosmos. Have fun exploring my site, and feel free to purchase any of my original novels on


This site is divided into three sections: CELESTIUM CHRONICLES, ANTIHERO CHRONICLES, and MANIFOLD WAR. On the CELESTIUM CHRONICLES page, you will discover fantasy stories. These stories are set in a more exciting version of modern times. The creation, control, and clashing of cosmic and earthly elements fill the pages of these stories, as the world’s darkness threatens the light. Shadow-riders, horrifying monsters, imperfect heroes, and a new cosmic mythology can all be found in the Celestium Chronicles.


On the MANIFOLD WAR page, you will find novels that depict societies bursting with technology and innovation, whose cultures and governments carry undertones of malice. Biotechnology, robotics, biomechatronics, and cybernetics run rampant, generating challenges of ethics and rights. Even the more utopian nations cannot escape corruption, in the war for control over humanity's future.  It is a war fought on many levels, from personal interactions to potentially apocalyptic battles.


On the ANTIHERO CHRONICLES page, you will become acquainted with some wonderfully flawed heroes. They might seem average, amoral, or even villainous at first, but soon they acquire the motivation to save the world. The plot of each tale features elements of humor and emotional drama, as heroes and villains alike struggle to discover their place in the universe.


BLAZE is available for purchase at the following link: BLAZE ON AMAZON.COM

My next novel, JOLT, will be released in 2020.

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